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BilbaoSinfonietta recordings

Arrosa xuriaren artean

Sinkro Records, 2023

Francisco Domínguez adapts for BilbaoSinfonietta a thrilling anthology of Basque Murder Ballads

Arrosa xuriaren artean is a “pocket opera” written by Francisco Domínguez (Alcolea de Calatrava, 1993) for a reduced voice and instrumental template where different traditional stories from Euskal Herria intermingle, extracted from the anthology Euskal Baladak from Jabier Kaltzakorta (1961).

In Arrosa xuriaren artean, two vastly different and anachronic views of the woman in medieval times are confronted. However, they do not impede from appreciating the great literary and historic value of the original texts, leading exponents of Basque literature from a time that has left scarce literary testimonies.

During the course of the play, we can glimpse both visions through the inner monologue of the main character —the soprano Jone Martinez— who embodies a whole constellation of women.


Conductor Iker Sánchez Silva
Composer Francisco Domínguez
Soprano Jone Martínez

Clarinet Javier Roldán
Quarter-tone accordion Garazi Navas
Cello Belén Fernández


Photographs Fernan Eredita Photography


Bigarren Sexua

Sinkro Records, 2022

A pocket-opera in basque that adapts Simone de Beauvoir's classic

“What is a woman?” In The Second Sex (1949), Simone de Beauvoir transformed this question into a paradigmatic example that she would attempt to clarify from different perspectives: philosophical, historical, biological, psychological, economic and artistic.

Bigarren Sexua is a personal adaptation by Asier López Iraola (Beasain, 1979) which, conceived as a philosophical monodrama for soprano and instruments, blurs the frontiers between philosophy and music to induce reflection about feminist thinking and give a new meaning to the validity of a book that deals with an extremely present-day issue.

One of the most singular characteristics of this project is the text, written entirely in the Basque language for the soprano Jone Martinez, the second opera of this kind along with Arrosa Xuriaren Artean by Francisco Domínguez that BilbaoSinfonietta first performed in autumn 2021.


Conductor Iker Sánchez Silva
Composer Asier Lopez Iraola
Soprano Jone Martínez

Flute Ander Erburu
Clarinet Javier Roldán
Violin Enekoitz Martínez
Viola Ricardo Cuende
Cello Alba Hernández


Photographs Jon Rodríguez Bilbao


Falla 1915

IBS Classical, 2021

The first BilbaoSinfonietta recording recovers the rawest and deepest version of Manuel de Falla

Falla 1915 offers the opportunity to experiment to a composer who was reborn through two of his master works. In Siete Canciones Populares Españolas, the orchestral imagination of the composer Francisco Domínguez enriches the original piano accompaniment without losing any of its folkloric essence.

The first version of El Amor Brujo rediscovers a title that was intended to be much deeper, rawer and with much more gypsy soul than the ballet into which it was later converted. Passion and spirit, sensuality and colour combine to enhance all that Falla loved and defended most: the preservation of our memory and our cultural heritage.

Both works take on new life more than one century afterwards, with the special participation of the “cantaora” María Toledo, one of the most relevant names in the contemporary Flamenco and classical music scene.


Conductor Iker Sánchez Silva
Orchestration Francisco Domínguez
Cantaora María Toledo

Violin David García, Mirka Scepanovic, Enekoitz Martínez, Iñigo Grimal
Viola Leire Moreno, Ricardo Cuende
Cello Diego Val, Ignacio Araque
Bass Gabriel León
Flute Xabier Calzada
Oboe Laura Marcos
Clarinet Javier Roldán
Bassoon Aitor Gullón
French horn Estefanía Beceiro
Trumpet Alvaro García
Piano Luis López
Percussion Vicent Zaragoza


Photographs Unai FF


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