Schönberg-Webern Project

Schönberg – Webern

Bilbao Sinfonietta tackles one of the top productions of the 20th century: Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schönberg. A cycle of 21 poems written by A. Giraud where Schönberg masterfully brings a new approach to singing, playing with the “Sprechstimme” and spoken-song with the colors of the instrumentalists who at times are soloists and at times accompany the emotional sense of the text itself.

Bilbao Sinfonietta together with the soprano Elisa Di Prieto, offer this magnificent preformance with kammersymphonie Op.9 by the same composer, arranged for the quintet version by his friend and disciple Anton Webern.

Elisa Di Prieto, soprano

Iker Sánchez, director